If you had a spare 2 grand what would you buy for your setup

Aloha, I too have been eyeing that same one and hinting to my wife
as a xmas gift.

But I also have been looking at the desks that raise and lower
like Biomorph and Anthro carts.

Let us know if you get one and how it is working.

You mean like these … ?

Yeah, they leave a little to be desired :laughing: .

And that’s a bottle of …? in front
of the bass. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ha! I was wondering if someone would point that out. Standard issue James Beam. Approximately 60 1.75L bottles for 2 grand. Mauri’s GJ would be better, but the JB is going well with the old timey Hank Williams and George Jones coming out of the speakers tonight :smiley: .

Funny picture Scab!
I don’t have nearly as much stuff as you. There are plenty of cheap solutions that would work for me now, but I want to plan ahead for additional gear.

Have look at some office furniture/desks, I have a two piece L shaped, 2metres x 1 1\2metres desk unit which has a couple of draws, a large sliding shelf and another for the keyboard, plus a big folder draw. Plenty of room for two comp. monitors, plus speaker boxes.
The only problem I had was putting it together, you gotta be an origami guru for some of these ‘prefab’ constructions :wink:.

Cost around $300.00 AU a few years ago.


Neumann mike, maybe some sound proofing, maybe a bigger sound card…oh wait…I ran out of money after the mike!

It’s an interesting question. Is there anything more I could buy that would compensate for the poor composing and playing occurring here? Some sort of “vibe enhancement” plug-in, the more expensive the more people swear by it? Wait a minute, I just bought Ozone 5, I guess that qualifies!

Would be my path too… don’t need a bigger card though! Too bad the topic only comes with 2 grand! :laughing:

I built my own, big drawer for my keyboard, big surface area in front of me and elevated laptop stand. Works well enough for me and cost me under €40 :slight_smile:

Exactly! I smell another thread! Stand by…

Focusrite Liquid Saphire 56 (been on my shopping list most of this year, and ‘real life’ was the only thing that stopped me getting it

Rode NT1a - Yes there are many nicer mics, but not at that price point, and trixier offerings from the likes of Neumann tend to be voice specific whereas the Rode is clean, neutral and a pretty versatile mic (and my friend who is a proper gold record wielding producer rates them very highly)

Roland Gaia synth. Yes there are other VA synths, but not at that price and with that polyphony and I just love it’s playability.

Think I’ll have change for a few nice bottles of wine and dinner for myself and Mrs One at a nice restaurant.

Acoustic treatment.

And vocal booth.

a couple of female escorts for a week !

Can I hang out with you please! If you can get two at that price FOR A WEEK -I’m your best friend. :open_mouth:

I don’t like the one YOU’RE getting! :laughing: Can you say “40 miles of bad road”? :mrgreen:

Of course, if you’re that poor two grand is a lot of money what are you doing struggling to afford a high end DAW in the first place? :mrgreen:
From posts and boasts anyone here’s high-end DAW should be making them that each week. :laughing:

But my couple of grand would be on a cleaning contract. :mrgreen:

oohhh maybe i should give up the music as ive never made a penny and become a pimp instead ???

any more orders anyone ???

back on topic i would love to update my viruses and get the latest ti mk2 ,i have 4 viruses but 4 just isn’t quite enough !

Another UAD-2 Quad & the 3 or 4 plugs I still don’t have from them (VOG, MXR Doubler, TimeCube).
A Case of Caol Ila Distillers Edition http://www.malts.com/index.php/en_row/Our-Whiskies/Caol-Ila/The-Family?extra=60, plus a case of their new one “The Moch”.

That’ll do me. :mrgreen: