If you had a spare 5 grand how would you improve your setup?

Love the “2 grand” thread but it just ain’t enough so let’s go for it!
Now I’ve got the Neumann and a phat sound card. Guitar synth pickups(I think Yamaha make them( would be next and…yup…run out already!

Not nearly enough for the SSL matrix that sometimes creeps into my dreams

But there wold be enough probably for a Korg Kronos 88 and possibly a Roland V Synth GT if I haggled.

Acoustic treatment.

Well … if I’d do all that myself and have good luck I MIGHT have couple of grands left … in which case it will be microphones: RE20, SM7… Yes, I’m short of high-end dynamic mics.

Man if I had five grand let me think…if only…i aint even got the two grand :smiley:

But lets all keep dreaming

The stuff I had in the two k thred and
Then the rest would go on a

Neumann TLM 49
Rode clasic II
Steinbergs cc121
New graphics card and a second monitor

Damb still not enough,
Anyone smell a Ten grand thred :laughing:

One of these

Oops just went over budget :laughing:

Oh well, stupid price anyway…

And I’ve already go one of these http://www.jlmaudio.com/shop/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=34

but would love the EQ section!

um…think we better save this for the “when I get my first chart hit” thread. Good taste dude! :sunglasses:

Focusrite 2802

Acoustic treatment, Adams monitors, an additional 1900*1200 screen, from the 2k topic: the rack with patchbay and cables, lexicon MX400 reverb, probably a NT1 as well, as well as some drum mics for recording my cajon.
Then an upgrade to Cubase6 and a nice rack synth. I said Radias earlier, but I might settle for a Nord or a Roland V-synth XT. Oh and a bassstation or something similar. Is that 5 grand?