If you like the 7.5 update...+1 this and reply

Obviously, it is due to the fact of new programming.

No idea? I just know that it solved the problems “back in the day” in Cubase 7.0.2 etc… :wink:
I’m sure MIXER 1 work fine now with 7.0.6 and 7.5 but I just continue use MIXER 2 because of this.
I have ZERO problems!

If you encounter problems with the mixer… try my work around. :wink:

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By the way! :bulb:

Have you all notice how clear the graphic is now? I don’t mean it was blurry before but now its even more straight forward and clear. I really like it! Thanks Steinberg! :smiley: :wink:

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You seem to have a great amount to type, so could you therefore perform a test for the benefit of the forum?

That’s not very nice. Freddie is a very enthusiastic guy who makes valuable contributions to this forum. And he does have good knowledge of both Cubase and computers. Give him a break.


Very nice.

Stable so far. I already recorded and mixed two bands with 7.5 without any problems.

+1 very good!!

Thanks and dido! :wink:

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very happy punter… Thanks SB

How about it it Freddie. are you up to it by now?

Does mixer 1 work as expected or not?

That would be a big NO …
it still doesn’t save properly with workspaces (zoom + config)
it still has to have focus to use many mixconsole keycommands
it still loses focus if you use functions of the mixconsole itself
Mute/Mono/Solo don’t activate/deactivate all the time
QLink doesn’t work properly when soloing/muting… (probably associated somehow with the direct mute/solo bug)
it still doesn’t keep z-Order correct for plugins
it still corrupts randomly requiring a “reset” that requires you to reset everything
Mixer configurations corrupt randomly on recall
Mixer presets do really odd things to the mixconsole when loading (zoom, visibility)
and more …

in other words … NO

it still has to have focus to use many mixconsole keycommands.

Just to take one of those points, this would be a candidate topic for extreme railing would it not?

It already is … It has it’s own ISSUE thread and multiple threads in General.

it still doesn’t keep z-Order correct for plugins.

This would definitely be another (topic for keeping up the pressure), would it not?

+1 , only thing I notice is the shortcut key for the eraser doesn’t work??

Feel free to Like/+1 my topic

The random resets are understandable with new code but if SB cannot fix this, then it must be considered to protest at SB door.

Its not issue. Its how the functionality are made and programed.
I get it now why it is that way. There are a good reason why Steinberg implemented it that way if you haven’t notice that yet in Cubase 7.5. :wink:

By the way… when I’m on the mixer-page on my second monitor I never lost connection to it as you describe?
I use pre programed hardware “softkeys” too to control the mixer functions and all work with no issues.

Many of the issues you describe and experience ,I’m afraid I don’t have them on my setup…
link channels etc work etc… Sometimes I use key command for that too… :wink:

Multi monitor environment here too= no problems.

organize the plugins? = Use in “preference” organize as “Vendors”. and the new “search function” in the plugin window couldn’t be easier. I use it every day.
Example want “Waves CLA plugins”. Write “CL” in the search field ------> …and "BOOM "CLA-Compressors comes up automatically.
Write—> Me… and “Melodyne” comes up… How hard can it be?

Work with it… not against it! :wink:

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Instead of complaining here in this thread, why don’t you tryout the MIXER 2 and MIXER 3 yourself instead. :unamused:

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