If you like the 7.5 update...+1 this and reply

Its not issue. Its how the functionality are made and programed.
I get it now why it is that way. There are a good reason why Steinberg implemented it that way if you haven’t notice that yet in Cubase 7.5. :wink:

By the way… when I’m on the mixer-page on my second monitor I never lost connection to it as you describe?
I use pre programed hardware “softkeys” too to control the mixer functions and all work with no issues.

Many of the issues you describe and experience ,I’m afraid I don’t have them on my setup…
link channels etc work etc… Sometimes I use key command for that too… :wink:

Multi monitor environment here too= no problems.

organize the plugins? = Use in “preference” organize as “Vendors”. and the new “search function” in the plugin window couldn’t be easier. I use it every day.
Example want “Waves CLA plugins”. Write “CL” in the search field ------> …and "BOOM "CLA-Compressors comes up automatically.
Write—> Me… and “Melodyne” comes up… How hard can it be?

Work with it… not against it! :wink:

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Instead of complaining here in this thread, why don’t you tryout the MIXER 2 and MIXER 3 yourself instead. :unamused:

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Instead of complaining here in this thread, why don’t you tryout the MIXER 2 and MIXER 3 yourself instead.

Not complaining, nor am I asking for a workaround.

I am asking for the issues to be fixed, and I’m sure nearly all other users of the program would agree.

I see you are already boosting your post count by quoting twice.

@ Freddie,

Z-order has nothing to do with plug-in organisation (another pet hate in this forum).

LOL :smiley:

Do you think I care of post counts? :laughing:
I have been here before years back…I just re-open this as new account. I would be “Grand Senior Member” by now…but who is counting… :wink:

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Aha I see!, Thanks! :wink:

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Freddie :slight_smile:

There was once a very famous member (similar name to you) who said “rank is no rank on the SB board” and despised emoticons, the point being are you trying to fake his account?

Fake? No I have had the same user name for many years. Both here on other forums. By the way, my real name is “Freddie”.

But I can’t recall saying: “rank is no rank on the Steinberg board” and despised emoticons, ?
The “words” doesn’t sound like me…perhaps you mix me up with someone else? :unamused:

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I’ve never doubted your knowledge, but my question was really quite simple.

JMCecil provided some insight but even he fell short of explaining the complete situation with the mixer.

how so? The reproes have been done. And the majority acknowledged by the borg.

Where is/are the acknowledgement(s) and have they guaranteed any fixes for specific issues related to the mixer and project page?

The Borgz never guarantee to fix anything. They do however, make comments in threads from time to time. You can go back and read the 4k threads about this crap if you want. I’m not interested.

It seems very easy for the “Borgz” to escape scrutiny by going under the radar in this way.

Here’s a simple repro of the mixconsole insert menu bug. If it is in “Full screen” mode, it doesn’t detect the screen size of multiple monitors …

And, here’s a nice one of the z-order problem using a 2nd monitor.

And that doesn’t even take into account some deeper problems, like the ASIO lazy load problem.

Here’s the solo/mute QLink bug

Best update ever. It fixed all my performance problems after 7.0 disaster. Big plus to saveable multi out instrument tracks.


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Well, I have to concur with the positive side, because my main machine (3rd generation i7) is doing better with C7.5 than it did with C7 (even though I had no problems with C7). The VST Performance shows less “jitter” in general. I.e. not necessarily less load (hard to tell), but it shows a more “even” (or tempered) activity. The ASIO Guard is turned on.

Oh, and I created a new C7.5 template to start new projects from. I.e. I am not using an older template, because that seems to have caused various problems in the past for people, so I figured it would be worth a new one for each new version of Cubase.

I am likely building a new machine over the holidays, unless I get occupied with other stuff. :slight_smile: We will see how a 4th generation “Haswell” CPU will do for me, in comparison with the current happy news.

Bugs will be ironed out over time and I will certainly enjoy the winter with the new fixings that came with C7.5.