If you use "Delete Overlaps", read this. Important!

There is a bug, now confirmed by Steinberg, involving the Delete Overlaps function in Prefs. In short, it causes the punch-in points in a recorded track to be changed/offset if you move/drag the audio to another track or location. Once moved, the copy will not be the same as the original.

For a discussion of the exact issues, follow this link to that thread:


  1. Disable Delete Overlaps function in Preferences.


  1. Use the Audio - Advanced - Delete Overlaps command in the Project window to delete the overlaps after recording, then if you move the events and they will maintain their location.


  1. Bounce In Place before moving.

Let me add that Chris Dobbs of Steinberg US Support was a pro and responded quickly to my initial report with a quick follow up to confirm the bug and then suggest the #2 workaround above. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, and it did. Thanks, Chris.