If you use Omnisphere, I have some questions


I’m gearing up to purchase Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere.
But before I make the purchase, I have some questions:

  • Have you run into any issues past or present using Omnisphere in Cubase Pro 10.5 and up? and in conjunction with Kontakt or other sample-based libraries?
  • I hear from some people that Omnisphere is a serious CPU and/or RAM hog. Do you find this to be true? What does your system look like (ie: OS, CPU, RAM, Drive interface, Drive type, Buffer size, etc)?

I’m still on Cubase Pro 10.0.6 so can’t speak for it in newer versions. Omnisphere is my favorite instrument in many ways. I haven’t had CUP issues with it, but I don’t ask my system to do more than it is capable of. It has a nice set of instruments and many useful presets. It’s a Cadillac, so it’s about luxurious sound and not fuel economy. :slight_smile:

My system specs. (such as they are) are in my sig. (sorry, forget we have the new forum. need to update… Win 7 pro machine, I5CPU, 32 gigs ram, many drives.

Omnisphere is a great synth. Always been stable on Cubase. I never considered this a CPU hog, but it takes up some space on your disc for sure. I am running on Cubase 11 and it is just like always, working just fine!

I don’t understand how Omnisphere should interfere with a separate plugin like Kontakt.

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To your questions : no and no!

I have Cubase 11 on Windows 10, 32Gb RAM, I7, Samsung EVO SSDs

If you need that type of synth I would strongly advise you to get Omnisphere. It is definitely a 'must have"!