If you were to build a new audio computer today - what would you choose?


It’s that time again - where I am kicking the tires on a new main DAW. I am specifically looking at suggestions to gather intel on the three key components (Motherboard, CPU and RAM) at this time.

This would be a custom build and I have all the other parts from case to power supply etc.

Just wondering what’s hot (and what’s not) to run Studio One, Wavelab and my usual host of plugins and VSTi’s.

Appreciate any info you can share.



It’d be better if people knew what your “usual host of plugins and VSTi’s” were.

Since your question is “what would you choose”, and “you” is me, my answer is I’d choose a Ryzen 7 2700x based build with 16GB of 3200MHz memory minimum. I would do that because;

a) it’s sufficient processing power for my mixing needs now
b) it’s a good price/performance ratio
c) on that note it includes a cooler, and like you I already have a dedicated GPU
d) I hate Intel
e) 8 cores will be better in many cases other than DAW use, such as some video processing and multitasking

That said you are obviously not me, so…