If you've built a new system?

Hi, curious what PC based system you’d go for. Processor, Mobo, which Mobo and why? I’m looking but scratching my head. I’m wondering which boards would be best for thunderbolt 3. So much information out there, it gets confusing

My system is 2 y/o and I recently did a few upgrades. I moved to 16gb (from 8) and also increased the speed to 1833 (from 1600). that was a decent upgrade, mostly because of the speed improvement. Instantly more snappy. Actually afterwards I noticed my mobo could support up to 3000mhz Ram so I am a bit too late to not try and go faster.
But my system has all components picked to support good build, like good quality power supply with plenty of power.
Then I’d just by the best i5/i7 quad core that budget allows… I’m going to wait a bit before upgrading my whole system for another few years now, hopefully. I also don’t want to reinstall everything.
gigabyte mobo has been good for me
I like the gigabyte because it’s been the best OC experience to date. Just put everything on ‘default’ or ‘Auto’, then up the baseline clock a few notches and works like a dream.
I’ve used nvidia and AMd graphics cards they and I can’t say a lot about that…
RAM get good brand for sure… Kingston/Crucial or similar.
hardrives… western digital or samsung SSD, or crucial ssd. All the new Western Digital SSD’s are quite cheap for budget system.
… I have both 1TB wd and Samsung and the Samsung smokes it in terms of speed times.
It’s all in the details, different pieces are different.

I designed next computer I will get on these principles from mistakes I’ve made before:
So I will not buy stock computer next time, it will be from a place where you can select everything.

MB with 7 PCI Express slots and possibly thunderbolt too - ASUS or MSI

  • this because I’ve always ran into that graphics card take up 2 of 4 slots in computers I have, and audio card also take two slots with addon board. So I want to even add another audio card having plenty place for anything.
  • MB will allow 64 GB, but maybe equipped with 16-32 GB from start.

Power supply with at least 550-600W - this not to be limitied with how good graphics card you can put in there.

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My specs are listed below . My previous system was a 2600k with ASUS Maximus IV and 16gb 1666 ram, 512 850 Samsung ssd for boot and add-on. That system still works very well after 6 yrs but that seemed to be a long time for an upgrade so …New at the time was 7700k 4.2gHz so with that in mind I assembled it as you see listed.

The only error was trying to add intel optane memory module. It only crashes the entire system badly. So, that’s gone and while my music section is well stocked with VSTs and other plugins, I have no issues but my track counts are rarely 35-60 mostly audio and more recently, instrument tracks.

I believe that I do not stress the system as much as some but I do have a few Amcrest cameras running thru Blue Iris software, Microsoft word, publisher, outlook and excel along with quickbook and occasional porn with Cubase running and I have not yet had any issue aside from the creator update that affected the elicenser momentarily. And that was resolved in 10 minutes of reading the forum

3 27" monitors hdmi fed from The EVGA GTX 1070 display ports and has 8gb ddr5 and I am converting the ASUS EX3 Thunderbolt i/o to a thunderbolt 2 and then into the Rme UFX + and Babyface Pro. That part is ROCK STABLE…near instant connectivity. The older 2600k used a FireWire 400 MOTU 896HD

Not the most technically written information you may have wanted but it does work very well and it is quick from a perceived position