if Zoom Full then Cycle Markers not included?

Just curious if this is the preferred, correct default behavior?
I had Cycle Marker #1 set up to go from to the end of a Project and then some, to include the reverb tail in a quick and dirty mixdown just to check.
When I hit my Zoom Full key it just spread the MID and Audio Parrts out and the end of Cycle Marker #1 is off screen.

I’ve been doing this previously at least in my imagination? If you woke me up at 03:00 and asked "Are Cycle Markers included in Zoom All? Quick!!! You’ve got 10 seconds! 10-9-8-7 I would yell "YES! Let me sleep now!!! :imp: " before you got to 6. But I’ve been wrong before …

Good or bad?
Right or wrong?