Ignorant Questions about Parts

Please forgive me for asking here a couple of questions which I would already know the answers to if I were already a Dorico owner/user. (I’ve searched the forum and couldn’t find the answers, and have even read the entire Manual, with insufficient enlightenment.)

  1. Can one enter notes directly into a parts layout and have them automatically show up in the score, or do they have to be entered via the full score before being visible in the parts?

  2. The opposite of 1. Can one enter notes and other notation elements into the parts and have them NOT show up in the full score?

Again, my apologies for asking things I already should know. (But which will help me decide when to spend the money once I do know!)


So, a couple things:

First, they’re called layouts rather than parts. I know that’s being pedantic but layouts are more flexible than parts and it might be best to keep them distinct in your head. Layouts are used to create parts though.

Second, the two modes (write and Engrave) are kept distinct partly for this reason… I don’t think this rule is 100% but this rule of thumb should help you:

  1. Anything done in Write mode will be added to ALL relevant layouts (ones which contain that player).

  2. Anything done in Engrave mode will be done exclusively to the layout that you’re editing.

Right now, there’s no way to create cues, or in other words there’s no way to have notes in one layout but not another. Also, all layouts are treated equally right now. Your “full score” is just a layout that has a LOT of players, vs. the “part” layouts which typically just have one player each.

“Notational elements” currently fall under this category as well, as they’re added in Write mode. They will be visible in all parts. You can change their color/opacity, but I think that’s still universal rather than on a per-layout basis.

You can enter music directly into the part layout and it will show up in all layouts to which the player holding the instrument(s) for which you have written music is also assigned; typically this would certainly include the full score layout as well as the part layout.

You cannot make music appear only in one layout and not in other layouts to which that player is assigned, but you can have separate players that are assigned to different layouts.