Ignore cursor when setting L+R locators

Win 10, Cubase Pro 8.5.15.

I’m often wanting to change my left and right locator positions when listening to a small section of audio. Because I’m using Ctrl-left click and Alt-left click, Cubase should know exactly what I’m doing. But if the audio cursor is anywhere near my mouse location when I click, the cursor is moved to the mouse position rather than the appropriate locator position moved.

This is more of an annoyance when auditioning short sections of audio, where the cursor is moving very fast with relation to the range selected. It means I have to stop playback, ensure the audio cursor position is nowhere near the required locator position, change the relevant locator position then start playback again.

I just find it very frustrating, especially when I’m specifically using the dedicated Ctrl-left click and Alt-left click commands.

Please, can something be done so that when using Ctrl-left click and Alt-left click commands that the audio cursor is ignored?


But, could you make use of just double clicking in the Locator positions in the Transport panel and typing the bar numbers directly…? You’ll get better at ‘knowing’ exact positions you want, the more familiar you become with the track you’re working on. Maybe…

All a question of time. There’s the long way, but why do the long way when the quick way should work?

It was ok with left-right locator and ctrl alt before they add that stupid loop activation function. On uhd or biger resolution monitor two row ruller is to small to click on right position. What will happen when they bring touchscreen functionality. Unusable function! Cubase is really oldfashioned at some segments. I hope some steiny programmer try to work with what they gave us. Sometime I have feeling nobody try out all that new functions.