Ignore other audio drivers? Primary driver not found after crash

Hi All,

I have a long standing issue carried over cross multiple cubase versions so i guess its not a software issue but it is starting to get annoying.
Once every so often Cubase crashes for some reason requoring me to reboot.
Upon new strat of cubase it will not let me choose my primary audio card (Roland octa capture). What is annoying is that i can turn of all components, do a full reboot and it will still not see the audio driver. After running midiox or a standalone session like Analog Lab’s, it then sometimes allows me to choose the octa capture after which cubase will also see it again. The most nagging part of all is that i have to reset all inputs and the control room.

Now for the questions:
-Does anybody know why after a crash and even reboot, the audi driver is not available?
-Is it possible to neglect the other audio drivers so Cubase will only see/use the octa capture? (the other drivers are the on board soundcard and a novation asio driver)

Thx in advance,

I’ve had the same problem since V8.5, now onto 10.5. The only thing I find works, is to turn off the PC, pull out the usb for the Octacapture (I have 2 of them) - uninstall the OC driver, then close down reinstall the USB then reboot, wait for OC to reinstall drivers, which it does automatically if you are on-line. You can then open Cubase. I have found sometimes though the same issue occurs, so I’ve taken to doing one final closedown and restart - making sure to turn on OC first. Sometimes, you can get away with simply turning off the PC and pulling out the USB and putting it in a different port but that does not always work. Naturally, Cubase does not recall your Control Room settings so you have to set those up again. This issue was supposed to be have sorted out in V.9 but it still persists…like many things in Cubase.

good luck and if you find a simpler way of doing it I would love to hear it.