Ignore previous posts - "Input Monitoring....."

After trying to post a new topic and getting nothing but a blank post (tried three times)…the problem I had, has disappeared…and was likely nothing more then a glitch in the program. That said, trying to post something on this forum became more of a challenge!! :unamused:

I actually counted 4 tries not including this one :laughing:

I think this may be a record, well done :mrgreen:


Kinda funny when you click on those posts and it says they don’t exist, what’s with that :question:

Yep your right…the irony is that I hung out quite a bit on the old format, had something like over 700 posts to my credit. Trying to help others out when I could…but certainly had questions myself on occasion. Since the transition over to this new look and interface I haven’t been around…the one day I go to post something and it doesn’t work!!!..the irony. :laughing:

Thought I recognised the name. :stuck_out_tongue: