"Ignored Plug-ins" feature freezes WaveLab 9.5.40

In WaveLab 9.5.40 on Windows 10, when I click “Ignored Plug-ins” in File > Preferences > Plug-ins, WaveLab immediately freezes. No action, including waiting for indefinite periods of time, seems to cause WaveLab to recover; it must be hard-crashed from Task Manager.

I can’t reproduce. This is weird, as this function does tp anything special.

Thanks, Philippe. I apologize for this erroneous bug report, but maybe it will help anyone else who sees this apparent issue.

After a Windows update, it turns out that a deactivated display screen was still being assigned certain window/dialogue elements. So even though the screen wasn’t on, the popup dialogue for the ignored plug-ins was being assigned to that screen. Because the dialogue wasn’t actually being displayed (and I wasn’t expecting the dialogue to be assigned to an inactive screen) - and because the rest of WaveLab becomes inactive/unresponsive while that dialogue is open - I was interpreting WaveLab as having frozen.

Once I turned on that screen, there it was - the ignored plug-ins dialogue box. So the issue wasn’t that WaveLab was freezing; it’s that the dialogue box was displayed on an inactive screen.

One suggestion: To avoid such issues, is there a way for you to enforce that these dialogues would appear on the currently-assigned primary (or other active) monitors?