Ignored Plugin will not activate

For some reason my Cinematic Rooms Reverb plugin is showing up in the ignored list. Even when I select and restart Wavelab, it does not remove it from the list. I use the plugin all the time and this is a major issue for me. I’m on Wavelab Pro 12 with the latest version of Mac OS. All other plugins are functioning as they should. Any ideas?

This means the plugin can’t be loaded by WaveLab.
Maybe you are on Apple Silicon, and this is an Intel plugin?

I run Liquid Sonics 7th Heaven Pro and don’t have any problems in WLP12 on PC so I can’t imagine that they haven’t sorted this plugin out for all OS?

Just downloaded and tested the demo version in WLP12 on Win10.
After a license problem with the demo, I enabled the scanning again and after that it works.

The website states that it is a universal binary.

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