Ignores conversion on Rex file import, & session corruption

Two long-standing quirks I’ve dealt with since at least Cubase 5. Using 6.5.4 now. Would like to know if others can reproduce these.

#1) Rex file sample rate issues:

  1. Make a new project set to 48KHz 24bit.
  2. Use audio import dialog to import one or more 44.1KHz 16-bit rex2 file(s).
  3. When Cubase asks you if you want to convert the file’s sample rate and bit depth, select both options (44.1khz->48khz, 16bit->24bit).
  4. Check your audio pool window. The file is still the original format of 44.1KHz/16-bit and when dropped onto a track, it plays back glitchy and pitched up a little bit.

In the pool window you can right-click the files and then manually convert them, which does work. But this functionality does not seem to actually be carried out on file import even when it ASKS you what you want to do with the file.

#2) Grouping some types of elements causes “session file corruption”:

  1. Make a new project with a tempo track and at least one MIDI track.
  2. Make a tempo event anywhere, and record something to the MIDI track.
  3. Select the tempo event and the MIDI region and Group them.
  4. Save the file. An error message will pop up saying the session is corrupt.
  5. Ungroup the events and try saving the file again. It will save no problem.

I’ve recently ran across this rex file problem also. I was importing some 44.1k rex files and it asked to convert to 48k 24bit, however they did not. Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

I’m using 7.0.2 now and haven’t tested rex files yet. I doubt this issue has been fixed.