IHostApplication: get detailed information about the host?


I thought it would be useful to get more than just the name:

  • product name
  • vendor
  • version major, minor, rev
  • maybe additional fields, like support, url, …

This could be the same for both plugin and host.

What do you think?

I think this is very counterproductive. In VST2, it was a usual technique to determine host/version tuples to adapt to the behaviour of hosts, because they were so different.

IMHO, in VST3 (or similar APIs) it should not neither be possible nor necessary to “detect the host”, on the long run all plugins/hosts will benefit from a stable behaviour in the API.

As of today we disabled program change feature for Cubase because of bug which was to bad to let it happen.
Yet we want to re-enable the feature once it is fixed. So we’ll need to check the version.