IIA effects lost after mixdown

I am useing an ipad2 with the last ios and the last Version of cubasis! My IIA effect is bias! After mixdown the guitar sounds clean in the wav file! In the project the bias effect is still sounding!
What i did wrong?

What did you mean with “clean” ?
Is it a mixdown of the whole song or did you freeze the lane?
I think it is right, an iaa app is working til you close it.

I know! I made a mixdown of the full song! The IIA is running in the Backgrounds and the effect in my audio Record sounds great! After mixdown there is no effect on my guitar!

Afair thats a known problem with bias when using it as IAA in cubasis.I guess positive grid needs to fix this.The same problem happen with addictive synth and Cube.I’m still waiting for updates cause this are two my favourite synths…

I have the same problem. Do you have sent this problem to Positive Grid ?

Yes i did but answere!

I have checked this problem with other IAA Apps (AudioReverb, Bias, Amplitube, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space) all has the same Problem after Mixdown > i hear the dry signal without effect. Also the same problem with the Internal Cubasis AmpSim Effect > only dry Signal after Mixdown. Its the same problem from “Insert and Send Effect”


What happens if you make a freeze of the lane before mixdown?


You can’t freeze insert or send effects only InterApp Audio Instruments. I have checked all this effects as InterApp Audio with Auria and Mixdown in Auria but no problems !!
The Problem is from Cubasis.

Hope they fix very soon! With out that i cant work with cubasis

Any News about this Problem?

Nothing !
No reaction from Steinberg !

Hi All,

Confirmed send / insert effects are sometimes lost after mixdown.

Please reimport the files to the project and check, if the effect
was rendered to the file. The iOS7 player in the Mediabay did not refresh
to the current file state, so we have here two different issues.

We are investigating a fix, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi all

fixed within the next release version.