IK mixbox UI crash cubasis 2

Cubasis 2 ios12.3
ik mixbox UI disappears but effects are still Audible
i have contacted IK Multimedia they suggested asking steinberg to see if they know if it is an issue with cubasis 2

ipad… 10.5 2017 pro
ios v12. 3
Latest v cubasis 2

hope someone can help so I can reply to IK multimedia.

thank you.

Hi @Yamahasy85,

Thanks for the additional information.

Gave the issue a short check, were things work as expected.
Please have a look here (link expires in one week).

I suggest, to update to the lates available iOS version.

Hope that helps!


I am reluctant to update the OS to latest,
i have 170+ AUv3 effects and 60+AUv3 synths they all work well on ios12. 3 in cubasis 2 maybe 2-3 that have some minor issues,
to update would mean checking all to find out which ones don’t work with os14

thanks k for checking

Hi @Yamahasy85,

As shown in the clip, Cubasis 2.8.4 and Mixbox works fine on iOS 14.4.
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help here.


thanks Lars.
as mixbox states that it works on ios12 or higher It should work fine on ios12. 3?

so I will go back to IK multimedia and relay this info to them.

thanks again