IK Multimedia Probs

I successfully installed IK Multimedia awesome “CSR” Reverb product (a 32 bit program)
in to my Cubase 6 64 bit DAW. So I was “hopefull” for other IK-M 32 bit aps. NOPE!

I tried two times each to install SampleTank XL (ST) and Miroslav Philharmonik (MP). During the
install, I was NEVER asks for the option of VST Plug-in or Stand Alone. Both programs
installed ONLY as “Stand Alone”.

I searched, in vane, for “.dll” (VST) files. The “CSR” created “.dll” files, but NOT either ST or MP.

Has ANYONE out there “SUCCESSFULLY” installed either “ST” or “MP” as a VST Plug-In (VSTi Rack)
on a 64bit Cubase DAW??

If you HAVE…ENLIGHTEN me as to HOW you got it to work. THANKFULLY, for NOW I have an option.
I have Cubase 5 loaded on a 32 bit PC. I can freeze audio, and export it to my 64 bit DAW, but this
is tedious.

I will be GRATEFULL for ANY help/tips/advice…WHATEVER.

Thanx…in ADVANCE!!

If you can use those plugs in C5, you didn’t need to install them again. You don’t “install plugins in to C6”. You just install plugins. If they were installed when you installed C6x64 there was no reason to do so again.

So are you saying you can see SampleTank in C5 but not C6? If so, just look in Devices->Plun-in Information to see where C5 is locating the dll. Then add that path to C6.

Or, what I did was create a 32 folder in my x64 vstplugins directory and manually copied the dll’s I wanted to use over. That way I could easily remove the ones that didn’t bridge well.