IK Multimedia (SampleTank/Sonic Synth) & CB 6??

Still setting up my box to run correctly but I still need some help.
I have IK Multimedia software ie (T-Racks 1.X, CSR, AmpliTube 2, AmpegSVX, AmpliTube X-Gear, SampleTank2.5 & SonicSynth).
The problem is that only two of the programs (plug-ins)work with CB6 and they are T-Racks 1.X & CSR.
The others are just a quick fix to authorize codes but my SampleTank2.5 and SonicSynth are truely my concern here.
They do not show up in the list of instruments and I don’t know why.
Can someone assist me with loading these two programs properly to work with CB6?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Cubase x86 or x64?
If last, I would suggest to use jBridge until IK comes up with ST3 to run it in a stable way.
I use ST2.5 jBridged all the time and after some tweaks (opcode 19 error message) it works perfectly, apart from the mousewheel not responding.

Niles, thanks for the quick reply but I don’t know what a Jbridge is.
Can you explain that in Kindergarten terms. lol

Thanks again for your help.

It’s an alternative for Cubase’s bit bridge to use 32 bit VST’s in an 64 bit environment.
It is a bit more stable then Cubase’s bridge and you can configure it for troublesome VST’s.
Read more here.

But before you go down this road. Are you sure the Sampletank and Sonik Synth .dll’s are in your VST directory?

Sometimes these plugins dont show for some reason?

Last install I did everything showed. but the one before I had to create a separate folder for the IK synths dll files.
Then make a plugin path to that folder in vst plugin information.
That sorted it.