ik multimedia t-racks british channel, white channel deal

hi all. got a bundle of ik british channel, white channel and buss comp from jrr shop on ebay for £47. great deal. so far in short tests they all sound very nice… white channel on acoustic snare could be by new favourite channel strip! ed

verdict; excellent channel strip plugins. have used on vocals and acoustic guitar on real projects and they really work smoothly… ed

Yes, i’m totaly agree with you. I love IK. The Bus Compressor is a Bomb. I use him so much, there is no need for other compressors since i have this one (except the Waves H-Compressor is a good one too). The Precision Limiter and the Opto Compressor from IK are Killers too.


agreed! the limiter is very good. I have underused t-racks because sony cd architect doesn’t directly support vst plugins. but now i’m starting to use presonus studio one a bit more for mastering and it does allow vst, so I can use t-tracks and my uad stuff. p.s merry xmas. ed :slight_smile: