IK T-Racks EQ graphic bug


  1. Load IKm T-Racks Classic eq
  2. the gain reduction/increase has no effect on the graphical eq curve, it stays in a straight line.

It works just fine in Cubase 11.


One thing thing that might be happening is in Cubase 11 its using a VST2 and in Cubase 12 its using a VST3.

Might be worth checking as that would be a plugin issue. Not saying it is that of course, just something to note,

It works in Cubase 12.0.30. on Mac M1 Big Sur running Rosetta

Seems likely it may be related to vst 2 vs vst 3. I’ll have to try installing the vst 2 version, although I probably used the vst3 version in cubase 11 anyway and it still worked. I don’t know/

Strange I am also on 12.0.30 (PC) and yet I get this

Yes, I can see that. I hope you find what’s causing this.

Hello, I am on C 10.5.x on Windows 10.x and I just had a chance to check all the IKM equalizers with graphics display on my system and they all work as expected. What type of graphics card are you using? It could be C 12.x or it could be a graphics setting.

You might want to submit a ticket to IKM and specify the graphics card. They might know something about it.

It works fine for me on Cubase 11, the only difference between it working and not working is the cubase version 11 vs version 12.

I think if you install the VST2 and the VST3 then Cubase 12 will only show the VST3.

I think thats how it works. If anyone is on Mac M1 native its just VST3 only but for everyone else C12 will select the VST3 over VST2 if both are installed i.e. the VST2 version will not be available in the GUI. Mind you there is more to it than that because if the VST2 and VST3 have different IDs then you can end up with both.

But if your using using VST3 in C11 and C12 then it looks like a C12 issue. Maybe check they both have the same graphics settings in preferences C11 and C12.