Iliad - Fallen Angel/Age Of Darkness (Metal) - Cubase 8

We’ve just mixed and mastered the following track Iliad - Fallen Angel

Also we have Through The Cursed Mists:-

We’ve got loads of advice from these hugely helpful forums.
We’ve learn so much amount EQ, Compression, Limiters etc.
We are a metal band called Iliad and we made the decision to mix and master out own material.
We’d just love to hear any opinions about how we could improve the sound we have.
We use:-
Ibanez Guitars with EMGs
Ibanez Bass with EMG pickup
Kemper Amp
East West Samples
EZ Drummer 2
The vocals are done by John Knight the singer of Synaptik.
Iliad is a Norwich Metal band FB page:-

We’ve had some good advice from a sound engineer friend so we updated the tracks above so we think they sound a bit better now.

We are also looking for a shredder to do some solos on our first album in the style of Jeff Loomis/Jason Becker/Marty. Pretty much all exclusively harmonic minor/phrygian dominant. Studio only project.

All songs done in terms of rhythmn guitars, drums, lyrics etc.

The good news for Iliad is Gorod guitarist (Nicolas Alberny) is going to contribute a solo as is Ben Wishire (Anderton Music Shredder).
Also Aaron Beeken from Synaptik has contributed some stunning solos.

So any contributors will be in good company :slight_smile: