iLok Newbie Question

Hi there -

I am doing some traveling soon, and am interested in doing some remote work (i.e., away from the home DAW) with a program that requires an iLok (RevoicePro 3.1, aka “RVP”). As I’m not familiar with iLok adminstration stuff, I was hoping someone here could help out please?

  1. I believe at installation of RevoicePro there was an option to “store” the program to either the iLok or the home DAW computer itself. If the program was “stored” on the iLok, does that mean I can just take the iLok to any other computer and get to work on RVP right away?

  2. If it is “stored” to the home DAW computer, is there any way to work elsewhere, or can I only use the program on that computer, whether or not I have the iLok in hand at the remote location or not?

  3. Where do I check to see which option I chose when I installed RVP (option to “store” to iLok itself, vs. to the home DAW computer)?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

  1. yes (same as eLicenser USB stick)
  2. only on this computer
  3. download iLok license manager and do your transfer (USB stick or disk) inside

Thanks, Home Studio 87!

Re: #3 - does that mean I can undo the original choice I made, i.e., transfer it from DAW computer to iLok?

Thx again!

Perhaps never doing that cause all my ilok license was transferred on iLok USB stick… more safe more convenient…
just try…

Going to take advantage of the moment here…

I have one of the older iLok keys, the one with the silly curly end on it… can newer iLOk licenses be added to that old device or am I stuck moving to a newer one? I got that for using PODfarm within Cubase a long time back, been considering some things that might need iLok in future.

I’ve use both with no problem

Many, if not all, recently released plugins require iLok2.

Thanks Mauri :sunglasses: