Ilok plugins lost their authorization in Cubase despite ilok manager looking fine


all of the sudden my ilok plugins want to be authorized again when i try to load any of them. Everything was working the other day. I didn’t install something new on that system. My system was freshly installed with all the latest versions a few weeks ago.

I have an ilok 3 dongle and Cubase 11 (win 10). No signs of any problems in the ilok manager.

How can that happen and what should i do now? I’m new to ilok.

Thanks in advance!

Ilok and Cubase do not interact. Ilok is not a Steinberg product.

just try rebooting, then open up the ilok manager and sign in, see if there are any updates.

then try opening Cubase again

Sorry, why do you write something like this? I know that ilok is not a Steinberg product, but i’m using ilok protected product in Cubase. That’s the connection between them.

I did several reboots already, opened ilok manager, logged in at ilok via the manager. Everything looks good. Maybe i’m blind or how does ilok manager report possbile problems?

Got it working. I had to pull the dongle out and plugged it in again. But why was the ilok manager not reporting the missing USB dongle? It looked like it was there and working.

I suspect that windows had somehow disabled the dongle and the ilok manager didn’t warn me about it. Never had something like this with eLicenser.

Run the ilok and reactivate the cloud session again. Is not a cubase related bug is a license problem. Do this every time you are using your computer again after it was shut off. Open ilok and reactivate the cloud session. Is happening because you probably use ilok on 2 computers and when you are moving to the 2nd one the cloud is activate it on the other one.

I’m using an ilok 3 hardware dongle on a single computer, not ilok cloud. Right, the problem is not Cubase itself, but i’m using it to run ilok protected plugins and therefor i have to look for all possible causes. Thanks nonetheless.

Let me know how you fix it. When I had this kind of problem was because my licenses where activate on a cloud session on another pc. It may be a faulty ilok? Have you managed to contact they ilok team?

I didn’t contact ilok yet. I have to wait and see if it happens again.

Sometimes these things just need to be replugged, I think they have internal memory, and that memory remains for as long as the dongle is powered.

You could have had a background Windows update. Happened to me the same in the past.

If that was the case why ilok manager doesn’t warn me about it?

I cannot tell you for sure, but my 2 cents idea is that not all software look for resources the same way. So your ilok manager actually correctly found the key, while Cubase was cut out by the update and did not. Ilok has no responsibility on what Cubase does and vice versa. May unplugin-repluging the key triggers Cubase to look for resources. Just a guess.

I’ve had the same thing happen with Steinberg dongle… go figure