I'm a computer dunce, no doubt. Need help setting up.

So I have Cubase 6 installed and ready to go, but whenever I load a virtual instrument I get no sound. The little bar on the control panel lights up red when I press keys on the keyboard but no sound. I tried loading a MIDI drum kit and same thing. Can press the buttons all day and no sound. :confused: Help?

Thanks in advance btw. I’m pretty PC illiterate. :smiley:

Read the manual!

Reading the manual is very necessary in Cubase. Let alone 6! Its a BEAST of a program. Being illiterate, well, wont help much. Time to start breaking down barriers! :wink: Inch by inch, everything is a cinch!

Sounds to me like all is fine, other than not having the midi signal sent to the vst. Check the in/out of the vst channel.

There are a TON of video tutorials from VERY basic, to VERY advanced all over the net. Youtube has a plethora of videos. You can learn basic techniques and whatnot, regardless of what program theyre using in the video. Take most info with a grain of salt though! Nothing beats the manual and just sheer TRIAL and ERROR!

Hope this helps…?

Well, I’ll check Youtube I suppose…

Read the manual when I first got it, seems to be all set up just fine. I’ve tried playing with the ASIO drivers, the MIDI input/outputs, gone through every option I can find but no luck. :confused:

Weird thing is, I can get the program to play the generic “grand piano” when it comes up as an instrument but nothing else works.

I also use Reason and have no problems with that program so I have no idea what I’m missing… But again, I’ll check around online.

1.there has to be a midi track associated with the Vst instrument and the track has to be in record mode to play the VST instrument from a keyboard, or some midi already on the track will play the instrument. when you chose the instrument it should ask if you want to create a midi track, choose yes and record enable that track.
2. if you create an instrument track then you have to place that track in record mode for you to play the VST from a keyboard.

PLUS you need a stereo output defined in your VST connections, where the VSTi can send its sounds. This one always gets me, cause I normally work with all mono audio tracks.

Ah, yes… Those little details may be where I’m missing something… I tried going through the tutorial DVD as well but kind of stopped until I can figure this out. :smiley:

Thanks fellas, I’ll try that as well!

Truth be told, it’s probably just me. I’m missing some minute detail and just haven’t figured it out yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it figured out, in case anyone cares anymore. :smiley:

Apparently my ASIO driver just wouldn’t work in Cubase for some reason, even though it works fine in Reason so I downloaded ASIO4ALL and now it works… shrugs

Did you selected the correct driver under setup configurations?

Sure did, exact same one I use in Reason. But for some reason I couldn’t get any sound at all. Works now though.

Maybe there is an updated/newer driver on the manufacturer’s website?

Not that I could find… Ya, I’m scratching my head too. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, NEW problem has arisen: When I load up a sample I can play it just fine for about 3-4 minutes and then it starts crackling something fierce through my speakers. I’ve adjusted the latency and compensation every which way, up and down and it keeps coming back. Any thoughts what THIS could be? :confused:

When it rains it pours, eh?

Some details on your computer and soundcard may be helpful… don’t you think?

Lol, sorry. It was late. :stuck_out_tongue:

Running Vista 64-bit first off which I fully understand could be the only problem.

Other than that, 2.2 GHz Intel Core2 duo, 2GB RAM (also need to upgrade badly), plenty of free HD space, sound card is a Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Platinum.

Non supported OS, notoriously bad Audio card.

What’s wrong with this audio card? I’ve never had an issue with it. Works fine in Reason.

What cards would you recommend?

Its really a gamers card, Cubase works best with audiocards designed for Audio work and that come with a well written ASIO driver.

You’ve got to press either the record thingy or the monitor thingy.

Best to read through the entire post thingy before suggesting something thats been solved :wink:

Ah, yeah… That’s what I figured. Well the card came with my PC. :stuck_out_tongue:

But having a decent ASIO driver seems pretty essential to effectively use Cubase… Looks like I’ll have to upgrade that as well then!