I'm a music producer with potential aspirations for film/gaming music - NUENDO worth it?


This question has come about due to the 40% discount being offered on Neundo 8.

I am a Cubase 9.5 Pro user. I chiefly use it for music production, but I potentially want to get into film scoring/gaming music composition later on.

Is there any benefit to upgrading to Neundo from Cubase for music production?

I understand for music to video, Neundo is superior (even though I’m yet to learn exactly why), but for music production is there any benefit at all?


Go to the product page and check the features, if still in doubt download the 60 days trial. And it is “Nuendo”.

Anyone with actual experience of using both these systems for music production?

I’m sure everyone will have their own personal opinion about this but unless you are working in surround sound it’s not worth it.

If you’re planning to open a pro commercial post production recording studio with Nuage, and are expecting to make 6 to 7 figures in revenue consistently I would say yes go for it.

I think Cubase is good enough for music production, i just bought Nuendo, Extra features are great but i dont really use them much…

I would trade my Nuendo for Cubase Pro just because the “event display” in Cubase is way better, that is just my opinion

I switched from Nuendo 2.x to Cubase long ago and didn’t miss Nuendo. At the time, there were very few differences between the two. I have no experience with later versions.

I would approach it from the opposite direction. What features do you need for your work that Cubase doesn’t offer? If Nuendo offers that functionality, will it be worth the ongoing higher price of upgrades in the future?

Nuendo has unique features which are mainly useful for sound-to-picture and(increasingly) game audio work. For everyday music production there is little-to-nothing to choose between them, Cubase is usually half a development cycle AHEAD of Nuendo.

I slightly prefer the Nuendo look, I hate some of the new features which have appeared in Cubase (and now both platforms) over the past few years, the mixer is CARP. I have licenses for both but haven’t updated Nuendo for a while, may do so with the current promotion with an eye to the future but frankly don’t like what I’m hearing about N8. But then the latest Cubase has issues too…

Still wouldn’t go back to analogue tape though…