(I'm a newbie) How to display player/instrument names on score(page view)

I’m very sorry to ask a easy question, but it’s not for me.
I’m still learning to watch Dorico’s youtube tutorial guides.
When I create a new project as tutorial video ( piano solo + flute player), the player text(like, Piano, Flute) doesn’t display at the score. But I choose the brass quartet template, the player text are shown as normally. Woulu you pls, to help me how to adjust the preperence menus. Thanks.

You need to look in Layout Options > Staves & Systems.

Welcome to the forum @briankim1027 – please feel free to ask any and all questions here at any time! There’s no question too obvious, everyone had to learn something for the first time at some point.

The instrument names shown to the left of each system are called “staff labels”. Different project templates have default settings for whether or not they appear – a solo instrument and piano accompaniment layout doesn’t generally need them, because it’s obvious from the context (a single staff above a pair of braced piano staves) which one is which, and hiding them gives you a bit more horizontal space for notes in each system. But a chamber piece with quite a few staves might well benefit from the reminder along the line of each staff.

As you’re a new user, you may also like our First Steps guide – it’s a walkthrough tutorial that takes you through all the steps necessary to create and format a piano piece, with a bunch of hints and tips along the way. It was written for Dorico 3.5 and hasn’t yet been updated for v4, so a few things might be a little different, but the core principles are still the same.

Thank you all.