I'm all I am

An old song remixed and re arranged, hopefully it sounds better than the first attempt a few years ago

best to all.

Well, on my phone, everything is quite clear. (and it’s not so easy to achieve). Voice is upfront which is probably exactly what you wanted. No harshness , Guitar is clean too. I was able to spot all instruments. I don’t know about the previous versions but this one is really good.
All the best.

Very nice and good song. Everything sounds really great. Great mix.

However, there’s a note that doesn’t fit with the G chord at 3:24, one of the instruments is playing F note, it’s the bass or one of the rhythm guitars, that bothered me a bit, because I was in a pleasant atmosphere.

The finale which occurs at 3:53 is really cool. I really like the change in harmony while retaining the feel of the piece.

Nice achievement!

Thanks for listening and thanks for pointing out the problem, really apreciate it, I’ve fixed it and re uploaded the track…thanks again my friend!!

Great song. Reminds of the 60s /70s. :grinning: