I'm ANGRY that Steinberg has no dedicated affordable controller!!!

CC121 MK2 is another great idea! :slight_smile:

+1 for CC121 mk2

At the moment I have combination of launchpad mini & x-touch mini running through Bome Midi Translator as MCU/Generic remote, though it works great (for example with one button I open insert6 and MCU is automatically assigned to the plugin on insert6). But dedicated controller with updated integration and design would be awesome

I use Icon qcon pro + Icon qcon pro ex, and for EQ and inserts theres nothing like a mouse, i use a kensington trackball actually but its the same…
it would be great to have rotary knobs that update its function when an insert is opened but if i have to use the mouse to select which insert i want to edit the logical move would be to keep my hand on the mouse and edit there…

+1 for CC121 mk2 and please add the ability to address the entire re-designed channel strip in Cubase 10!

I have a Mackie MCU Pro with 3 extenders for 32 motorized faders, pan knobs, and full transport & scrub section with many extra programmable buttons. It works flawlessly with Cubase and I love it. Highly recommended! The lights go out infamously, but you can order cheap replacements and after you tear them apart it’s literally only two solder joints to get them replaced. They’re super cheap these days, relatively speaking. Great controllers, and they look like a small analog console which gets my creative juices flowing. I love that they scroll to & select tracks in Cubase when you touch a fader. The only confusing thing is that they have to be setup in backwards order when you create Mackie Control instances in Studio Setup. That confused the heck out of me the first time I tried to set them up. Since then, been running smoothly

talk about first world problems… but yeah would be nice :slight_smile:

I went for the Behringer X-Touch mini after a little research I realized that, if I can only afford one fader, the x-touch does pretty much everything that the CC121 does, for quite a bit less. I have it set up to use in Mackie and General Midi modes and it works flawlessly either way. I’m not sure why these are not more popular than they are. It greatly enhances my work flow. Once I got the hang of it and memorized major functions (masking tape is your friend, write small), I can’t imagine working without some kind of control surface.

Hi namreglrac ,

I am glad I found your post and you can maybe help me to make this little device useful with Cubase - also for me.
I have configured it as Mackie Control. So I am for example able to control the EQ of 1 track or the PAN of 8 tracks, ok.

But I havent found way to control 8 track volumes, what do I have to press before?
When I press the “Solo” button the only thing that happens; the song position marker jumps a bit to the left.
The click of the rotary buttons have no effect right?
With the X-Touch editor I cannot change anything regarding the MC mode, right?
Are there ressources or a community about this?

Thanks a lot in advance,