I'm back! I just ordered Cubase 7.

I’m back! I just ordered Cubase 7. :slight_smile:

I haven’t even demo it. I have long time experience I know Cubase in and out. I know it going to work perfectly when I get it end of this week.
Today Cubase 7 have all things I need and has asked for in 6 years ago x64bit support, Icons, color the GUI and black arrange background, flexible mixer in use of large project.

I just wanted to say hi to all my friends! Long time no see…

Best Regards

Good luck!

perhaps a little bit early to jump in with only 7.04 version i just hope you are not disappointed / frustrated with bugs or problems, i would have waited until 7.1 in your shoes but nonetheless you are not alone in returning to Cubase! especially with Logic at a virtual stall in development many users i know are migrating back to Cubase


What do you do with Sonar X2?

Hi Freddie…

Nice to see you (back) over here - It’s going to be Cubase 7 …ABSOLUTELY 64-bit hmm? :wink:

Just joking.

I am still using Sonar X1 (not updated to X2 (yet?)), but I am also a long time Cubase user (and also Ableton Live to be honest). I think every package has it’s strenght and weeknesses. So far Cubase 7 works very well on my system, but I had to use a few small work-arounds before 7.0.4.

I think you wont be dissapointed by Cubase 7, altough it is still a bit rough around the edges.

Just left Sonar after 11 years. And im loving Cubase.


Hey Freddie!

So now you’re back to Cubase!!! Didn’t think you would ever leave Sonar. But here you are.

Nice “seeing” you again :slight_smile:

I think it will just work fine, I’m not worried. Thanks! :wink:

Best Regards

open old project…convert them to Cubase 7. :mrgreen:

Cool and thanks! Nice to see you here too.

All programs have bugs more or less. I just glad to see that Steinberg actually cares to fix them sending out new update “now and then” not just “one update” every 10 month and then you need to pay for a new DAW version to get a simple fix? :unamused:

I have also notice they using the FORUM collect and solve BUG REPORTS. That’s great! Finally someone have listen on the end users. :smiley:

Best Regards

WOW!! :slight_smile:

That says it all! See you around!

Best Regards

Hi Jose! :smiley:

Nice to see you too! I hope everything as alright with you. :wink:

Yes I’m back in Steinberg land again. The “dark force” were too strong for me. LOL :smiley:
I really like what Cubase has become with new Cubase 7 release. x64bit support, Icons, dark arrange background, dark GUI can color it on own liking, The mixer WOW!!! in scale of large project -+100tracks- that I working with all the time, comp tool, audio editing, VARI-Audio 2.0, video engine, VST3…

I have also look into the new CMC series that I thinking of invest into. The 6pack. I can also use Cubase 7 and remote control my 2x Yamaha 02R96V2 directly in the Cubase 7 program. Sweet! :smiley:


Best regards

what an awsome, positive thread. pats on the back and welcomes all round. i wish all threads were this friendly :slight_smile:

Ah “Color-Freddie” is back !

Well, Steinberg did this 10 month thing and charging for fixes, many many years.
Today we get a bit faster updates, that do not fix much and break new things …
I won’t be able to use V7, before 10+ month have passed.
Hmm … still an improvement … I guess …

And yes, a lot of people seem to be able to work with the current version !

With 100+ tracks, You may have to sit back and relax.
V7 is a bit sluggish with big projects. Especially the mixer.
Oh, and don’t use mixer one. Use mixer 2 or 3 instead.
They work as expected.
Oh, and train Your click-finger.
V7 needs way more clicking. Double clicks everywhere and some double double clicks !


Hi Jan! :smiley:

Thanks for the warm welcome back and all the heads up! :wink:
Mixer 2 it is… :wink:

So I have check out the forum, videos and the internet so I expect some functions will have bugs in Cubase 7- like example graphic abnormalities in mixer view and child windows get behind mixer-view etc. I’m very confident Steinberg will fix and sort all the problems they can as they sorted out the CMC-series and update it to version 1.2. People say the CMC-six-pack controllers works now perfectly with Cubase 7 so I thinking about to invest in that too. :slight_smile:

End of the day, looking at feature wise in Cubase 7; the new GUI enhancement is just awesome, even though the GUI graphic building blocks, windows-view /“drag and drop”-concept could improve further, follow PC Microsoft standard windows. Example windows concept found in SONAR X2 and new Pro Tools 11 HD. Also make a PLUG-IN-MANAGER would be nice to have in Cubase 7.

End of the day, Cubase 7 are no doubt and powerful professional DAW program. Perhphas the most powerful feature wise in the whole DAW-business. Perhaps you need to spend some time in a other DAWs to actually get how great Cubase 7 / Nuendo 6 actually are. Many functions and key commands that you take for granted in Cubase are not even available in other DAWs.
Example CTR+D doesn’t exist in SONAR X2. You need also to resize the “Clips” and cut it after recorded a simple midi-clip, to make them fit in BARS & BEAT length all day long? :unamused: Cubase and other DAWs does that automatically. :slight_smile:

About “clicking”; I’m all set use to click all day long in SONAR. I also use Kensington Slimblade Trackball, so sweet! :mrgreen:

Best Regards

It’s more fun and nicer to spread some positive spirit instead of being so negative all the time.
I’m coming from the friendlies FORUM on the internet “Cakewalk Forum” . Perhaps that has something to do with it too! :wink: :smiley:

Have a great day my friend!

Best Regards

Hi Freddie!

Welcome back! You’ll find a growing number of ex-Sonar users here. I don’t miss Sonar for one second. I was really hoping Cakewalk would finally listen to the pro users, but they answered with half-a$$ features spun as revolutionary interface improvements. When they slowly started adding features we had been requesting for ages, it was still too little, too late, and poorly done IMO. I hope the best for them (there are plenty of good folks working for Cakewalk), but they are targeting a different type of customer than me now, and seem to have lost any real technical edge that they were at least trying to cultivate for a few years.

Steinberg, on the other hand, builds the tools I need for music production and composition. They are not perfect, of course, and sometimes Steinberg leaps before they look (for example, I feel Cubase 7 launched a little too early – too many bugs at launch), but the product is deeper and more powerful than Sonar in too many ways to list. Going back to Sonar would be insane for me.

However, I do think Steinberg has a ways to go. They should not rest on their laurels. They have to continue to push forward and deepen the feature set, and push new innovative boundaries. Seemingly little features like VST Expression 2 show they are thinking one generation ahead of everyone else. That gives me hope.

The new MixConsole, while rough around the edges, is a great step in the right direction as well. Ironically, while Cakewalk thinks it is enhancing workflow with their UI updates and tacked on touch-interface, Steinberg actually IS enhancing workflow, although perhaps not as polished at first launch as it should have been. Steinberg is definitely trying harder to listen to customers, but they need to remember to put quality control and stability first. They are on a good path though, and if they continue to listen to customers, and deliver a solid product, while also pushing innovation, Steinberg will have a winning strategy.

Good luck! Hope you enjoy the transition to Steinberg! We’re here to help!

I still use Sonar X2 on my laptop, but that’s fundamentally because of two reasons:

  1. I don’t like the idea of taking the dongle out of the studio (or even out of the USB hub where it nicely sits.) As the great American philosopher Forrest Gump said, “Sh#t happens!”

  2. I don’t have very sophisticated needs when I’m out of the studio. I just sketch ideas, record on the fly etc. Never actually mix anything or do intensive editing. So, for all practical purposes any DAW --even a very simple one-- would do.

But Cubase is still installed on my laptop, so in case I actually need it (never happened so far), all I have to do is take my dongle with me. Incidentally, Sonar is also installed on my main desktop, just in case I need it to open old projects (and yes, that does happen, from time to time.)

Thank you my friend! :smiley:

I have now installed and start using Cubase 7.

WOW!!! WOW!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:
A lot has happen to Cubase since I last used it.
AMAZING!!! No drop outs , has not crash once.
And the new color customization in Cubase 7.0.4 …what can I say WOW!! :smiley:
You can now change anything, grid, faders you name it to any color. WOW!

I knew that Cubase was good but not as good as this…?? Shocked. :sunglasses: I’m just amazed. Pro environment and stability is just great. I have now purchased the CMC sixpack also. Haven’t use it yet but I’m looking forward too.

Perhaps it placebo but I imagine it sounds better then SONAR X2 too? My wife came to the studio and her first spontaneous comment were without me saying anything: , “wow it sounds better”… :wink:
What can I say, Cubase 7 is just the ultimate DAW for me. I feel I’m hooked for life or for a very long time. :smiley:

Hope Steinberg continues improve Cubase. As long as they do they can count me in! :wink:

Best Regards