I'm back......

Welcome back!
I hope your health gets better and you are able to enjoy playing music as a hobby.

+1 Word!

Sorry to hear about your health problems and your studio.


Hi Bredo,

Sorry to hear about your health issues.

Ban? Didn’t know. Spill the story?

It’s been a couple of years since we met. Maybe a beer or two one evening?


Excuses, excuses… .

If I would have given up, none of the music on my soundclick page would have been made.

Read what I’ve been through (the link is to my Tale Of Woe, not tunes);


To add, I’ve got 6 bulging and herniated disks in my lower back alone.

If you really wanted to play, you’d find a way.

Signing off this thread…


despite on what has happened in the Cubase forum/discussions, it’s sad to hear that you needed to close
your studio. Any studio closure is a loss of substance in this small industry. I wish you all the best regarding
your health problems.