I'm back.....

Bredo - Didn’t know about the ban thing - and VERY sorry to hear about your health issues! I have always appreciated your very honest and thorough responses to the questions that have been asked here. I, likewise, have appreciated your comments on every subject that I can recall… :slight_smile: Welcome back!

Skål, brother!

Keep rockin!

That’s really sad to hear. I hope you’ll find something to do with all the time you have on your hands now, but with limited physical abilities.
We’ll always be here to read your rants :sunglasses: :smiley:

Excuses, excuses… .

If I would have given up, none of the music on my soundclick page would have been made.

Read what I’ve been through (the link is to my Tale Of Woe, not tunes);


To add, I’ve got 6 bulging and herniated disks in my lower back alone.

If you really wanted to play, you’d find a way.

Sorry if that came across as sarcasm in your native language, in mine, it’s called tough love. :wink:

Strange, only some weeks ago your colleague Marcus said quite the opposite in the german forum. Seems the thread got moved once more, so I can’ t link you to it (and therefore I might also be wrong - though I’ m quite certain i’ m not) Maybe you Mods should try to find a common line…!?

Hm, I’m sure NWP has been misunderstood here. But still, it is nice to see a former ‘banned’ member now defended by a moderator! We have come full circle. :smiley:

Hi there,

sarcasm is my choice of weapon…and will be tolerated here until you do not insult or bother people.
What would be the forum without these chill-style posts and topics?

So everybody…sarcasm is still tolerated here…when it is in a funny way.




Well, I do admit I agree with my colleague. I did not mean sarcasm to be prohibited but when it comes to personal attacks that is not what the Forum is intended for. I apologize for the Missunderstanding.

Shut up, both of you! :laughing:

And to Bredo, man, and hurts my brain on several levels every time I read or hear about some musoid having to cut time from making noises and music, no matter what it is. I hope you find some kind of compensate for what’s not there anymore. Ät mer torsk! :smiley:


Yeah right

A man should strive to make his online demeanor as close to his in-person demeanor as possible. The people who don’t do this are the true pussies, because they operate across the protective barrier of cyberspace; if they acted that way in person, they know they’d get popped in the mouth

Well said Doug.

Bredo, sympathies from here, we are all getting older. When my time comes I want to be cremated with my midi controller in my arms :laughing:


I am Alias!

Really sorry to hear about your health problems, my man, but it sounds like you have every intention of hanging in there. As Thora Hird had on her bedside: “you don’t stop doing things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing things”. Sage advice and so obviously, don’t stop drinking.

Anyway, what I was really going to say is what I always say to people with these sorts of problems: have you done any Tai Chi (or similar but Tai Chi doesn’t involve much bending which can put folk off)? A bit of Eastern magic does amazing things and even if your not into that kind of stuff, what have you got to lose?

I wish you well.


My on/offline personas are one and the same. Anyone wants to try to “punch me in the nose” is welcome to try. :wink:

I like to punch people. Sounds like fun.


Best wishes!