I'm back.....

Glad to see you here again, Bredo. And sorry for your studio shutdown…

Just hope that the “hobby level” will keep on the passion and anyway, discussions always help, no matter at what level they are done. :wink:

Cheers !

Welcome back, Bredo!

I can relate (a bit) to your health problem, I have a good guitar player friend who has quite severe arthritis in his hands. He survives the gigs and rehearsals on pain killers. Not good.

Anyway, take it easy in what ever you do :slight_smile: .


Sorry to hear your health has caused you to shut your studio. A friend of mine recounted what a working musician friend of his always says: music is the worst job in the world and the best hobby in the world. Hope it turns out good for you.


…and why do we need multiple topics ? Is it THAT important ?

Just wondering.

Hi Bredo,
welcome back, you were missed !
so sorry to hear about your health problems, my heartfelt best wishes ! :slight_smile:

Excuses, excuses… .

If I would have given up, none of the music on my soundclick page would have been made.

Read what I’ve been through (the link is to my Tale Of Woe, not tunes);


To add, I’ve got 6 bulging and herniated disks in my lower back alone.

If you really wanted to play, you’d find a way.

I did, and I’m still ROFLMFAO. :wink:

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

I don’t know your particulars, but I can certainly sympathise with anyone who gives up on something they love… either because it’s physically impossible or even just because the constant discomfort finally makes one say… I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS! It’s bad enough when yer body refuses to do what it’s told. But when it also decides to start hurting constantly for no good reason? It’s maddening.

I have enjoyed many of your posts and thank your for your contributions here.

May you find relief. And another passion that is equally satisfying.



The company who runs this forum probably have a list of well known IP addresses http://www.gearslutz.com/board/cubase-7-nuendo-6/868304-steinberg-forum-downtime.html and would pay special attention in your case.

Alias or not, people will always “out” you on the basis of who you are.

Hmmm, you wouldn’t know about that would you…:wink:

Truly wish you a bit more happiness with music. It sounds like you have surrounded yourself with good friends that will support you during this change in life.