I'm Confused - HSB's or VSTSOUNDS


I too have just enjoyed the total crash of my RAID and am reinstalling.

Back with Cubase 5, I went ahead and purchased the Halion Symphonic Orchestra license. I had installed the 2 trail DVDs that came with the Cubase 5 disk set. Life was fine.

After this recent crash, I saw that I had the Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set Trail disk that came with Cubase 6. I was assuming it was the same thing. So I installed this (the DVD with Cubase 6)

Now - as an aside, I also have a copy of Halion 4, and had installed that.

Well, I fire up Halion, everything looks normal.

I then fire up HSO, and it tells me it can’t find the HSB files. I search the drive, and none are loaded. I look back at the 2 HSO disks that came with Cubase 5, and find that it contains the HSB files.

Should I be bothering with this?

Is the HSO VST Sound Instrument Set (What came with Cubase 6) giving me the same content, but just for HALION? If so, then I won’t bother with the original HSO install and HSBs.

Is my HSO license that I purchased with the original HSO disks that came with Cubase 5 sufficient for the content disks that came with Cubase 6?

Should I just load the HSBs anyway, as there is content to be had?

I just need a little insight.



Re-bumping this post. There seems to be a difference how the resulting vstpresets are named. For this HSO to work, it’s pretty important you choose the right hsb by function name. When picking out of HALion 5 or any decedents, the function of any particular vstpreset doesn’t exactly follow the original hsb.

Anybody out there agree, disagree, have a comparison chart?