I'm curious about the nuendo fade.

I want to use Logic Pro’s features in Nuendo as well.
Logic Pro can automatically fade audio by dragging it.
Can Nuendo auto-fade audio by dragging it?

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In the top corners of every event there are litttle triangle shaped handles that control the fades. If you pull on that handle it will make the fade and show it to you.
If you click on the top part of that fade it will prompt a window where you can adjust the curve and other things.

Additionally, it also has Autofades, where it automatically (and invisibly) applies fades and/or crossfades to every event, according to how you configure it.


Thanks for the reply!.
I want it to automatically crossfade when I drag an event to an event.
Logic Pro automatically crossfade when you overlap an event.
If Nuendo does not have this feature, you will have to manually set up all sections of the recording event.

As far as I know, it won’t do it automatically. But all you gotta do is press X and it will crossfade the overlap, or create a preset crossfade if there is no overlap.