I'm fighting against this Master section!

I’m fighting against this Master section all day long in the studio. :unamused:

Wavelab 8 and Master section alter the wave-files volume level to 0db without you known it? Is it so by design? This happen example after resample etc. Wavelab is great but Master section overall and just simple task as add of plugins is one of the bad experience in Wavelab 8. Just make the mixer look and work as in Cubase 7.5 instead. That would be much better.

So here we go, let say I add a wave-file in 48kHz 32bit floating that all maximum volume levels are set to -0.20db.
If I now just resaves it as MP3-file in 48Khz, 16bit, 320kbps all levels go up to 0db again? If I resample down a wave-file from 48 to 44.1kHz 32bit, last I checked it did it in 0db too?

Can all files just stay as it is please without the master-section change and mess it up?

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File conversion changes levels, nothing unusual.

You should know that resampling is a DSP process that slightly changes the level. This is why it is best use with a brickwall limiter after it.

Thanks all! :wink:
Yes I can use limit on MATER to keep it -0.20db or I have notice you can lower the MASTER Channel volume to -0.20db to keep it -0.20db after rendering and dithering.

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