I'm getting so sick...

…of having Cubase “hiccup” EVERY time there’s a freaking tempo change. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!! I’ve frozen tracks, raised the buffer, turned ASIO guard on/off, and NOTHING is helping.

PLEASE HELP!! There have GOT to be more people experiencing this! How in the world is this acceptable?

If there’s anyone with ANYTHING to try, I’m willing to listen!! :slight_smile:


bump. So after 165 looks, there’s not one person on here who is having this issue? Does anyone have anything to try? Am under serious deadline for today and would love ANY help! It’s urgent!! :slight_smile:


Are you using VE PRO with Kontakt? Known bug for years that Native Instruments is finally fixing in the next update.

Hey dlp-thanks so much for the response. I have one instance of VE PRO loaded up in VST, and a whole bunch of Kontakts separately but not together, no. The only bug I’ve found is that VE PRO is completely unusable with ASIO guard on, the computer basically just stops working and is super glitchy until you turn off ASIO guard.

I’ve tried turning on/off tempo sync in Kontakt as I’ve heard that can be a problem, but doesn’t appear to help either. When this happened in Cubase 7, I used to just raise my buffer from 256/512 to 1024/2048 and I’d watch the blue real-time peak meter just jump a little, but it wouldn’t glitch out like it did from a lower buffer size.

Know a lot of folks having this issue with Cubase. I found it’s related with Vis and specifically Kontakts tempo syncing to Cubase. I turn it off in Kontakt once loops and stuff are bounced out.

Thanks lvbeethoven (awesome handle, btw)!! So once you’ve created your loop you immediately bounce it then turn off the ext sync? Does that tie your hands creatively at all? It’d be nice to have the freedom to keep instruments loaded and not have to worry about going in and altering the sync later on in the process of you want to add something. I wish I could write that linear, but I’m afraid my brain is more of a hot-mess when it comes to finding little snipits of sounds I could place either “here or there”