Im getting this constantly!

Cubase is the most feature rich DAW out there but its also the weakest! Constantly crashing for the simplest thing. Thats how its been since I first started using Cubase at version 6 and I don’t know why I thought version 9 would be any different. That time all I did was open MediaBay and click to sort it by name. The funny thing is no one could recreate the crash because it happens randomly. I’ll open Cubase again and do exactly what I did just now and it probably won’t crash but it will crash when I do something else. Im gonna keep using it cuz Im use to it but Cubase is always gonna get a thumbs down from me til they make a stable version. The first DAW to come out with the same features that I use Cubase for, Im jumping ship! LOL. maybe not… but I’m annoyed so let me vent.
Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 6.49.58 PM.png