I'm Going Back To 9.5. It's Death By A Thousand Cuts

As soon as I figured out I could open C10 CPRs in 9.5? It was a done deal. Ever since I got C10 I’ve -really- tried to like it. But this is the first upgrade since SX3 that I find intolerable (SX3 had serious stability issues. CPRs would simply vanish!)

This is about workflow. I am simply fed up with how much -slower- I work in C10. The right click business—which seems so trite? Is driving me NUTS. I’m sure many wags will say, “Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out!”

But at some point, SB has gotta wake up and smell the coffee—just as Wavelab (finally) did last year. The UX on BOTH products had been getting progressively harder and harder to use over the past several years with LOTS of missteps that made the programs unnecessarily fiddly. Fortunately, PG responded to howls from users and revamped WL in 2017 and now Wavelab is again my absolute fave program to use. My wish is that SB does this same with C10.5 because this is DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS.

At some point, for me, it’s one too many little things that now add up to -way- too much wasted time. I actually started -fearing- doing certain editing tasks.

And if ANY experienced user–especially someone who works with MIDI and orchestrations a lot tells me they work faster in C10? Sorry mate, I hate to get ugly, but you sir, are not telling the truth. It’s. Just. Not. Possible.

In fact, what I -really- want to see, is the b-test team in action. I want to see a Youtube video of a guy doing MIDI orchestration work (as I do) in C10. Hell… -any- kind of fast editing work in the Key Editor. Because the thought that keeps going through my mind is: WHO DECIDED THESE CHANGES WERE A GOOD THING? EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. USE SIMPLE WORDS SO I CAN UNDERSTAND BECAUSE CLEARLY I’M TOO STUPID TO GET IT.

Adios for now. I’ll be interested to see if 10.1 or 10.5 improve.

PS: Frankly, if I could safely go back to C8, I’d probably do -that- too because of the Skinny Scroll Bars introduced in C9, but that’s risking too much.

Im done with the madness, staying put on 9.5.41. Every update is like trying to learn a new app and Hey where did my function go?

Im opposite. C10 is first Cubase who shine.

Hardly any functions gone so make yourself some key bindings.

+1 for (against) the skinny scroll bars since C9. Such design decisions are ridiculous

Due to the thin scroll bars I lose a lot of time while working in Cubase. I have to constantly search for them on the screen (4K) and aim accurately at the cursor.

Have you tried 10? My copy does not load any project of 9.5!? What a shame!.. :mrgreen:

Due to the thin scroll bars, clicking on + and having it zoom to the max, etc, I kind of avoid editing tasks in Cubase 9.5.

+1 against the skinny scroll bars

Slightly dramatic but, I guess it gets the point across. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:


YES! Please get rid of the skinny scroll bars!

+1, I just can’t use the “+” to zoom stepwise, it almost always zooms to the max

And when it zooms to the max, the cursor, or position indicator, is always re-centered in the screen and I always have to readjust it! After an hour of that, I actually logged into the forums to see if there was a way to customize and get the old look back, or at least fix those wretched sliders. I guess a new approach is needed and I’ll try using the mouse scroll wheel as some have suggested.

But if Cubase 10 or later gets the old sliders back, I’ll upgrade in a second.

I agree that if SB got whoever re-worked WaveLab to rework Cubase it would be a gift from the heavens. It’s definitely pretty convoluted now with too many clicks/being too difficult to do plenty of simple things, as the super skinny scroll bars and total dependence on the Inspector/mixer for many adjustments illustrate very well. And other little things like being able to often accidentally engage Loop in the upper half of the ruler are still maddening even after using it almost every day since it was introduced. I’m trying to be positive that 10.5 will bring some significant improvements to issues like these…it’s a long way away, of course.

One last thing: Going back to 9.5 gave me instant relief from a set of repeatable audio dropouts that would occur whenever I would engage certain editing tasks.

So -something- changed, not just on the surface, but under the hood. Which is noooooot a good thing. I have not had a single glitch like this in Cubase since maybe SX4. Until now, I had 100% faith in the engine’s reliability and smooth performance.

+1 to that. who on earth needs to enable loop by moving the mouse to the ruler when a shortcut key is what I imagine everyone uses. I am forever having to trim recorded midi parts because I accidentally clicked on the wrong pixel on the ruler. Can we at least have a preference to disable this and also to enable the legendary ‘wider scroll bars’ for those of us who dare to prefer them?

Well, something would have changed under the hood for sure. The time required for deeply ‘testing’ out a new Cubase version is pretty serious and a bit like playing the ancient game of Pacman…you think everything is going fine and then!

I fear Cubase msssive layers of code might be running a little feral.

Dude, just use key commands. It is so much faster than right clicking.

I too am sitting on 9.5.4. I too do a lot of Orchestration midi and editing and the right click menu just makes all tasks longer and more difficult.
I’m also in the camp of feeling like every update feels like I have to relearn the software because so much of the UI and menus change. I do not see the point of the constant UI reinvention. HOW many times has the transport panel been redesigned visually over the past 5–6 years? Does this sell more software?


Can you add your support in the Feature Request forum? There have been so many of this request over the years, so who the hell knows…but it’s worth another go for a simple option to enable/disable this in-the-way feature: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=150543