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Ok I am really frustrated now.
I never had any problems with Cubase 5 and now I spend all my time trying to understand why Cubase 6 crashes all the time when I try to load plug ins…one time omnisphere works then amplitube doesn’t them Vst amps can’t load then omnishere works then Halion doesn’t show any more!!! and it’s going like this all time.
I spent all my day crashing and i feel stressed now if i have to load a plug in.
This was really a bad decision to upgrade!!! If i don’t get this to work I will delete C6.
like I said I never had any problems with Cubase 5, so something is wrong here !

Mac os 10.6.6
2.66 Ghz quad core intel xeon
Apogee Duet

Hard to say whats wrong, and its not a great solution when you are going crazy.
BUT, you can still use C5.5, there is even an update for it. So you dont have to delete C6.

I am on PC, Win 7 64 bit, C6 32 bit, and have absolutely no problems at all, not even with Omnisphere.

Are you using a bridge ?

Try the “sledgehammer” approach, by trashing Cubase 6 Preferences (and removing prefs from earlier versions, so that they will be rebuilt from scratch upon next launch, as opposed to simply re-importing them).

thanks for your help, I actually moved the Cubase 5 preferences away to the desktop, trashed Cubase 6 preferences and start from scratch and them moved back C5 preferences…it didn’t help.
I went for a walk…so i feel calmer now! :laughing:

My computer crashes after I export a song. As soon as it finishes I save and close Cubase 6 down and everything freezes. I have to da a force shutdown and sometimes my recently recorded tracks vanish when I re-open Cubase.

Hi there,
Do you use Cubase as 32-bit or as 64-bit version?
Did you install all your plug-ins in 64-bit mode or only in 32-bit mode?

Hi, thanks for helping!

I have Cubase as 32-bit since I’m not sure if all my plug ins are in 64 bit

This is exacly my problem:
Some plug ins don’t load sometimes :
Amplitube, Halion, VST amp rack

Some plug in made Cubase crash:
Amplitube, Omnisphere, for example I had Omnisphere open in VST instruments and every time I tried to edit the plug in by clicking e it crashed.

I still have Cubase 5 in the Mac.
This problem never occured with Cubase 5.5, I have the impression cubase 6 is more unstable with those plug ins.

Does it run ok without those plugs?

Now it seems to work, no crash and everything except VST Amp Rack loads (does it work only in 64 bit ?)

Have you installed the latest update for the plug-ins? If not, please download them and try to add each of them one by one. After you added a plug-in start Cubase and check if it works. This way you should be able to isolate the conflicting plug-in. Please let us know the version number of any conflicting plug-in (except for VST Amp Rack).

Does it load at all or sometimes? Do you insert VST Amp Rack straight into an insert slot or trying to load a preset while instantiating?


I realized that this problem only occurs with a project that was created with Cubase 5.5
For example when I try to insert the VST Amp rack ( straight into an insert) nothing happens.
But with a new project in Cubase 6 everything seems to work like a charm :slight_smile: :slight_smile: , all plug ins are working and no crash, VST Amp load normally. (yes everything is update)
I guess something went wrong with this particular project. I made many different experiments with other new projects and everything is fine.

Thanks Helge for helping, if ever something happens again I’ll try each plug-in as you advised.