I'm going in!

Just bought Artist 8 after ten years on SX3. Discs installing as I type.

What can I expect? Full colour? :smiley:

Have fun with the new cubase :smiley:

I think you might find a few changes, but hope you enjoy!

it will be an interesting journey

Mine is in full Techno-color but im sure u can adjust it to rock-vision or whatever…

we’ve got ur back and ur covered to move forward…


A major +1

Depending on your style of music and your approach, there will be lots to discover.

Take your time and don’t get discouraged if you hit a wall.

As ggc posted there are some great minds that hang-out here and are willing to help.

Congrats and Good Luck!

I still have SX3 running on a G4 laptop and some patches use the old ‘Universal Sound Module’. Ha!

Curteye just turned green!
Congrats man :wink:
Good move Steiny!

Thanks guys

Yeah :sunglasses: !

Yes, congratulations to curteye… :wink:

(you got access to a PC too by chance…?)

Oh and apologies to the OP for veering off - the upgrade will be worth it…!!

I started with Cubasis and then Cubase SE both of which produce the old project file format. I have a bucket full of those old projects which I have yet to convert as I am an expert procrastinator :blush: so, I keep SX3 on one machine, as it is the last version of Cubase which can open those relics. Use it to save in cpr which C8pro can open. So, nothing wrong with having SX3 at all :laughing: :sunglasses:

to the OP, enjoy, you have a hill to climb, but its lined with cool stuff. :mrgreen:


Soylent Curt