I'm going to change internet provider ...what I have to do

Hi !

October 14, I’m going to change internet provider … I have to change my email address I believe ?
But … what I have to do before & after with Steinberg ?
I own Cubase 7 …

Thanks a lot

I recommend setting up a gmail account (or similar), this way if you use this, you can change ISPs without worry. You could also try forwarding email from your old account or even copying it over.

I never use the actual email account I’m given by my internet provider for reasons that if I change providers, I lose that account.

I pay for a second ISP for three years now, because I’m unable to get rid of all the accounts - and I don’t want to have my old ISP release my old address so someone can steal my identity.

Too bad that there is no law regarding “one address for life” or something similar.


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Take it a step further, set up a domain and use MX or (A) records to forward to a web hosting, Google docs or if you are savvy a mail server on your own computer.

Microsoft used to have custom domains but that has been closed.


What’s in a name?