I'm going to reinstall my system. Should i install all updates in order?

Now I have Cubase 11.
First i bought Cubase 10,5. Then I upgrade it to Cubase 11.
I’m going to reinstall my system (Win 10, 64 bit).

Should I have install Cubase 10.5 first or download Cubase 11?

Cubase 11 as all the 10.5 projects will work seamlessly in C11. At least they did with me.

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What @silhouette said- and also note that C10.5 and C11 can be installed side-by-side, as each have their own User Settings Folder

But I haven’t C11 full version, it’s upgrade. That’s why I can’t install C11 separately.

I think so. Am I right?

No. They are completely independent. Only the license itself depends on having the previous version’s license present in order to update. No software needs to be installed aside from the Elicenser Control Center for that purpose.

Thank you for your answers! But I don’ t understand))
Can you explain point by point what I have to do after set system?

Just install all the software in the order you prefer.

Download and install Cubase 11. Then at least you will have a clean system. If you later find there is an issue with one of your projects you can install 10.5. I don’t think you will have to. I have not had one single issue with an older project not loading. The only issue has been me forgetting to install essential plugins. I have been migrating to a new computer and decided not to install any of the many previous versions of Cubase.