I'm have problem with guitar volume -very quite...

Dear All!

I’m completly green about recording in general.
Im more musician so I was always playing than recording in home studio.
I got lots of problems but for start I got problem with volume.
After session -my tracks are very quite and that looks different to what I was always seen in professional recording studios. No familiar clouds… :confused:

First: You should add your set up information to your profile as it helps people trying to answer your question understanding where the problem might lie.

However: Cubase contains a mixer. This mixer can be set to show different channels. You can do that on the top menu of the mixer (presuming you have Cubase 7 or 8 (see how your set up information could have helped giving a precise answer?)). If you (in the set up menu) tick for Input channels you will see the peak level of your guitar recording. The peak should be around -6db and not distort at any time. You can raise and lower the input level by the channel fader. However you can also raise the input level by setting the output of your guitar at max or the output of whatever mixer or sound card at a higher volume (however never to distort the signal).If you record with soft pluggs like amplifiers and or FX (like Guitar Rig or similar), they too have volume buttons.

If the recording is done right you can regulate the output in the output channel. You can also rise volume by using pluggs like compressor and/or a limiter. Using other fx like reverb also adds volume.