I'm having playback problems...

Hi all,

Today I installed Dorico on my Windows tablet, and I keep getting the attached error message, and there’s no sound. With Dorico’s sample projects it seems to work even with the message appearing. Is there an easy way to maybe repair my HSSE installation?

Thanks all,

That is a message from HSSE and HSSE does not know what sounds are supposed to be inside the HSO library, so it can not find sounds from its own installation. So you better check and do a reinstallation of HSSE (playback package 1).

Hey Ulf,

Thanks for your response! I’ll give it a shot reinstalling HSSE. Could you kindly point me towards the correct installer package? Part of my issues I suspect stemming from installing HSSE without content in the first place…

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Run Steinberg Download Assistant, under ‘Dorico Pro 2’ choose the ‘Dorico Playback 1’ package, and download and install that.

Thx Daniel!!