I'm in Midi Controller Hell

This is a moan. Not directed at Steinberg but i think Cubase users may relate.
Controlling parameters with midi hardware is a complete mess.

Quick controls really require the Steinberg QC hardware to work if you want to speed up your workflow.
Midi hardware with quick controls requires isn’t exactly on the fly.
Novation auto map doesn’t really offer anymore benefits than quick controls.
VST plugins have so many parameters finding the right one in a list can be longwinded.
Not all the parameters have suitable names so finding the the right one can be even more longwinded.
Some plugins have their own built in midi learn system
Most plugins are still on the vst2.4 spec and don’t integrate fully into Cubase
only a few plugins support the right click assign quick control setting.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a large touch screen with several plugins onscreen for direct GUI multi touch control
Midi controllers have limited amount of controls.
Controlling several plugins at once is a pain in the ass

Can anyone showoff their easy to use midi controller setups with Cubase because i’m failing big time to integrate it into my creative workflow?

My keyboard is identified as two midi ports: v1 and v2.
Keys, pitch and mod are set to v1.
All the knobs and sliders are set to v2.
On Cubase, v1 is in “all midi”, v2 is not.
Generic remote set to read from v2 with the 8 knobs set to the 8 QC, with soft takeover enabled.
Controls I want controlled go through “right-click → add to QC” or the QC “learn” function (the “L”) which works with pretty much anything.
Really simple.

If you add your system spec to your signature it will be easier for others to give you help. I might send you a description of my setup, but I have to think through how to explain it without making it even more messy :wink:

I’ve updated my specs now.
Thanks for responding. It’s given me hope that this situation can be improved. Just to let you know i have got quick controls working but it involves so many clicks and different plugins need to be treated differently. Ideally i don’t want to be in this technical mindset when im creating.
What keyboard do you have Soul-Burn. It sounds lush.
I know i can send my impule61 out on 2 separate midi channels but it all gets a bit fiddly.

Z3ta is nice as quick controls recognises the parameters. I click learn, click the controller then it’s assigned. Easy Peasy.
Amplitude is a bit weird. You have to right click a control and give it a parameter first. Quick controls will then recognise it in learn mode. Its a bit annoying if you change your patch as you have to assign the controls again.
Sylenth and Dune are a bit annoying as they load in this thumbnail window and you can’t click back and forth like you can with Z3ta. It makes these a pain in the ass to use.
Kontakt 5 i don’t tend to automate this so not a problem.
Automap is pretty redundant. It doesn’t give me any benefits over Cubase quick controls so i tend to turn automap off.

If more plugs were 64bit this window thing wouldn’t be a problem unless you know a workaround? (i correct myself as i thought it was the 2.4 spec causing this)
Is there a way of assigning a key command to enable learn mode for each slot? i.e Shift Q+1 enables learn on 1, Shift Q+2 enables learn on 2. This would speed up assignments for me. I prefer keyboard to mouse.