I'm Just Not Getting The New Comping?

I jumped from 6.0 to 7. I’m just not -getting- the new comping. Perhaps I’m just too used to the old method.

But what I’m finding is that I end up with a -zillion- lanes and when I cut and move the ‘main’ track, it doesn’t behave the same way as before (ie. an underlying lane might be ‘revealed’ and start playing).

I can’t even -remember- the ‘old’ way exactly now… I remember that bothered me too :smiley: but in a different way.

Anyhoo, this isn’t a ‘grouse’. I’m willing to accept that the new method -is- better. Perhaps someone has gone through a similar crisis and can give me some tips on how to learn to embrace it? Or at least explain the -thinking- a bit?



Use the scissors tool to cut up your tracks. Then use the comping tool (the hand) to select which part from which lanes you want to you. THAT’LL be the takes it’ll use. Not the bottom one.

Yes, it will use the bottom one, if you don’t do anything else. That’s default behaviour. But then you can use the comping tool to select even better takes from earlier and make them play : )

I love this tool actually!

So you still cut up all yer lanes -before- you comp? WOW. I thought the Comp tool would somehow make that unnecessary.

OK, if you still have to cut everything up first, how does it save time?

Not trying to be difficult, just not getting it.


Found comping straight forward in Cubase 5, it was a clear thing: the lowest lane plays. Also worked perfect with multitrack recordings when they were grouped (grouped events as there was no folder grouping yet).
Comping in C6 was messed up.
Introducing the compingtool in 6.5 made it better though different.

To answer your question:

case #1:
you’ve finished recording, continue with comping: no need to cut up your lanes before

case #2:
you did some comping already and re-record some parts of it: definately cut all lanes with the compingtool (the ‘hand’, hold down alt key) before you go on!
Otherwise you’ll mess up your previously done comping work quickly. Just by clicking on your new take with the comptool all your comp’d pieces on all other lanes get inactive.

Tip 1: use cycle record/punch in/out when re-recording. New events won’t overlap your finished comping.
Tip 2: possibly delete all events in the area you will record again before re-recording. Helps avoiding a mess.

It works with lanes open on one track of the group.

Don’t do anything in Cubase 7 with clients behind you before having tested it in depth :mrgreen:

Comping is great when all your lanes/takes are showing because your track is unfolded.

But when your track is closed, having all discarded takes showing up between bits of your main track
is just downright stupid and a huge time killer.
It forces a totally avoidable workload on you.

Could be implemented in program setting so easily with the option: "Hide stacked takes when track is folded"

The OP is so right.

Why on earth would you want to have access to all those unwanted takes, when you’ve closed the track?
Why? Anyone? Hello? Whyyyyy?


Maybe it’s not the most elegant way but I’ve forced myself to get used to some extra steps:

copy the comped track (or complete folder) + disable it (goes way down into an folder called EDITS)
use ‘no overlaps’ on the original track (via key command)

After that I can clean up the possible mess of tiny audio snippets without much effort. (With old comping these snippets simply did not exist.) Should I need some material of other takes while the song evolves, I’ll get it from that copied track(s).

That’s a good example for Steinberg’s tendency to turnover functionalities to :question: :exclamation: :question: (headshake + -ache) while adding new reasonable features (in this case folder grouping, at least both appeared with version 6 - no, not really, the new comping was fixed to be usable after all in 6.5…).

That’s exactly my point. Too many clumsy manoeuvres involved, to
have a clean main track.
All of them bring ADDITIONAL WORKLOAD with NO BENEFIT at all.

I raise the question again to all of you:
Why would you want to have pieces of unwanted takes inbetween the parts
of your edited and comped main track???
What is that good for???
Can anyone answer that? Anyone?

There is no answer, that’s just how it works - simply because it works the way it works. A horse is a horse is a horse of course :mrgreen:

For me comping was perfect in Cubase 5, 6.5 + style is perfect but makes more work, yes. Sometimes I’ve wished for a Cubase-Kit where I could combine my favourite functions from SX1 to C7 in an UeberCubase :laughing:

Of course, but no one can talk to a horse of course.

Unless of course, the talking horse is the famous
MR. ED :laughing:

Sorry, you set me off…

Thanks. I’ll study a bit.

One big complaint is that I seem to end up with like DOZENS of ‘empty’ lanes… The ‘clean up’ lanes is not very helpful.

I wish there was an (optional) ‘Condense’ feature that would simply move every event ‘up’ as needed to always minimise the # of lanes.

Also: After you have 4-5 lanes, the original track goes out of view which makes various ‘track’ functions impossible to get to without copious scrolling up and down and up and down between the ‘lane’ and the ‘track’. I wish there was a way to always keep the ‘track’ in view… even if I’m editing Lane #12.



Are you serious? That’s the way it works?
We’re not talking irrevocable laws of physics here, it was programmed the way it works.
You can re-program it to make it work differently. Duh.

That’s the essential thing: I can not :confused:
All I can is using an old Cubase as I liked some things better there, passing by the new cool stuff. Or I can humbly accept how it works now (for whatever incomprehensible reasons), taking advantage of the new cool stuff. Of course (off-horse? :mrgreen: ) I can SCREAM in the forum and beg for re-implementing the old goodies (look for my posts…): success uncertain.

No, of course not “you”, by “you” I mean “one” can… Oh what the hell, you win.