I'm locked off Cubase! - elicencer problem

I am suddenly locked off Cubase. It says it does not find any licences installed. I reinstalled elicencer and performed maintenance tasks but nothing chanced. I even entered the Cubase 11 activation code in the elicencer but it says the current elicencer version is too old (although I just downloaded it). What is going on?

I also attach a screenshot of the elicencer window. Shouldn’t I be able to see Cubase 11 on the right panel?


Which Cubase edition do you own, please? Cubase Pro, Artist, Elements, LE or AI? Was it running in the past already?

Cubase 11 pro. Running perfecrly until yesterday.

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I don’t see the USB-eLicenser there. Make sure, the USB-eLicenser is plugged in, please.

I took in out and back in. Nothing. I tried another usb port and it worked! (go figure…)